Happy birthday Me.


Today, 29th of December, 2012, I am the great age of 20. So long are my teenage years of silliness and recklessness and hello the years of sophistication and maturity…

Well that’s suppose to be the plan but as you will soon learn though sophistication and maturity are characteristics I possess, (somewhere) they are no where near as much fun. I’ve never understood why so many people seem to dread turning 20.

I love all birthdays. I have never feared growing older and I hope that I never will. Its the one day that is or at least should be, completely devoted to you. It is a day to be pampered, spoilt, and celebrated. Each year, you go through various highs and lows, your birthday is the one thing that you can always rely on. It is never late, never forgets about you and will be there next time too. Whatever age you are turning, celebrate that you’ve survived and you are strong enough to face the next year of challenges.

Peace and Love,


birthday candle


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