Bucket list · Life

The Bucket List

This is the infamous bucket list that inspired me to make this blog:

  1. Go to LazerQuazer
  2. Go Paintballing
  3. Have my future told
  4. try  Go Karting
  5. Go Rock Climbing
  6. Post a video of me singing on YouTube
  7. Write a letter to my role model/hero
  8. Visit Stonehenge
  9. Learn how to play poker
  10. Visit Northern Ireland
  11. Have a real Geordie night out (This will be explained in a later post)
  12. Drink a cup of coffee (and try to like it)
  13. Take a roadtrip with friends
  14. Hitch hike
  15. Go camping in the Peak District
  16. Audition for SuPas (Student union performing arts society)
  17. Go skinny dipping (no cameras allowed)
  18. Complete 90 days straight of Insanity!
  19. Have a tasteful nude photo shoot
  20. See a ballet
  21. Give Blood

So here goes nothing…


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