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Goodbye elves, hello hell…

Tomorrow is my official start to do uni work day aka panic day. As of tomorrow, (Saturday) I have 7 days till I will be back in University halls, surrounded by other stressed out, panicking students. Since coming back home for the holidays, I have made many feeble attempts to concentrate on doing work. First it was Christmas, then my sister and her husband arrived, then my birthday, then new years and general important socialising. There was just no time to fit in anything else important like revision. Gah!

There is always that lull after Christmas day, it is like a prolonged food coma after your Christmas dinner and lasts until the decorations have been taken down. The glittery and Christmassy haze fades and suddenly BAM you realise that in two weeks time, your fate will take the form of three 2hour exams about subjects you have barely managed to read all the footnotes for.

University has been an interesting experience. Its feels like a very expensive social experiment, a sort of ‘Lets chuck 8 random people in to a flat together, add a heavy dose of stress and alcohol and see what happens’ kind of way. One person from my flat only lasted a week and realised university life and being away from home wasn’t quite right for her. Some of us wish we’d done the same.

My parents, bless them, have tried their best to motivate me. My dad, also a fellow sociologist, has told me many times about the hours he spent in the library after lectures, and seems to be very unimpressed by my ability to have avoided using the Information Commons or library since arriving at university. My argument is “I have all the books and everything else is online”, the truth… I’m just too lazy to leave my cozy room and walk 20 minutes to a noisy ‘study area’. However, I have vowed that I will use both the library and the IC this year. At some point. Maybe in the summer.

My plans for an early night were rudely destroyed by my guitar. tempting me to play random country songs and a bunch of Taylor and Avril. Plus side, I’ve learnt 2 new songs, negative side, I don’t think i’ll be getting up at 8am. I may just need that coffee tomorrow.

Peace and Love,


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