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A cup of coffee…

In celebration of going back to university and having my best mate staying with me for a few days, I bit the bullet and went for my first cup of dirt coffee.

coffeebuddiesMy Cup of coffee and my partner in crime, Lolly

As this was to be my first, we thought best to ease myself in to the coffee loving world with something weak and milky, aka a single shot, Vanilla latte. It looked beautiful, smelt very coffee like(obviously), 3 sugars extra and there we were, face to face, my first cup of coffee, the first step to being a caffeine junkie.

P1090265The Coffee

After, about 2 minutes sitting with the cup to my lips and stressing, I finally took a sip and well… EWW. Coffee is bitter. Coffee is not very nice, even with 4 sugars. (An extra sugar was added after the 3rd sip.) I tried my best, took my time, felt positive, but as much as I wanted to enjoy this Vanilla latte with 4 sugars, i just couldn’t. I tried, so so so hard, but nope. My love affair with coffee was over before it began.

On the bright side, it was a lovely way to spend a cold and wet afternoon. Sheffield has snow again. I’ve knocked one thing off my bucket list, only 20 more to go. The verdict of my coffee date is this…

P1090269Coffee sucks. Tea rules. End of.

Peace and Love,



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