Thankful Tuesdays

Thankful Tuesdays

I’ve noticed on a lot of blogs that each week they do a post about their favourite things from that week or things that they are grateful for. Its nice to take time and appreciate what has happened to you and things you have. Today, I present to you, the first official Thankful Tuesdays!
The things I am thankful for this chilly Tuesday are-

Pancakes, so yummy in my tummy 🙂
Taylor Swift’s recent album, Red. (She also won a Grammy for her song Safe and Sound on Sunday)
The Sims 1
My lovely future house mates, for having the same taste/ideas/wishes for our new home
The squirrels that live around my university accommodation
Gala Darling‘s radical self love project- I seriously love this blog and blogger she is Amazing!
Custard Creams
My Dad for not going mental at me for losing my very (very) new phone

Peace and Love,



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