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Are you Pretty…? Thankful Tuesdays

This week, I’ve been feeling a pretty down so in a bid to cheer myself up, I’ve spent a lot of time listening to music, revisiting  posts from my favourite blogger, Gala Darling, reading random articles on the internet and watching some of my favourite TedTalk videos. So this Tuesday here are some of the things that has helped to inspire, encourage and brighten my week.

♥ Katie Makkai- Pretty at the National Poetry Slam, 2002
I discovered this performance a few years back and it’s one of those things that creeps back in to your mind every now and then. It is one of the best things I’ve listened to, I think ever.

This never fails in forcing me to reflect on my own ‘prettiness’ and encourages me to aspire to be more than just pretty. I’ve been called pretty, but I’ve also been called smart, honest, kind and I’ve also been called fat, ugly and stupid and as much as society ranks being pretty higher than being smart and insightful I’d rather be ugly than as Katie says ‘merely pretty’. 

you is

 I watched The Help last night for the first time. I absolutely loved the book and Emma Stone is fabulous as ‘Skeeter’. There are so so so many good quotes, the best and the most famous is the 3 lines said by the character Aibileen Clark, “You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important”. I love the fact that as you read it, you are telling yourself that you are Kind, Smart and Important. You is.

♥ Random ‘bitching’ sessions about university, shared spaces, crazy neighbours and useless lectures with my flat mates over cups of afternoon vodka tea and coffee, that go cold because we have so much to talk about and so much to say that in the end we forget about our beverages for too long and are forced to make new ones, thus providing the perfect time to move to a different topic and repeat the cycle.
This has become a tradition of almost each day if not every other. We come together in the kitchen and share our news of the day, how our degree is or isn’t going, and ultimately end up sitting in the same spot for over an hour when we only popped in to grab some food or check the post. Of all the positives and the negatives, these are the moments that I will miss next year when our little family of friends splits up. Halls is great for meeting people, but also for expanding your own interests and knowledge. Me and Chris often have mini chats in German, Lauren informs us all of how David Cameron and capitalism is  fucking  messing up our lives again and Emilie emerges from her room with random, cool nuggets of biological science things which makes me envious that I’m not more scientifically minded. Its the mix of people, and the mix of degrees that makes it so much fun living here. Mega love to my flat right there!

♥ tea ♥ Chocolate and 9pm spar trips ♥ Sarah Kay’s performance poetry!

I hope you are having a good week.

Peace and Love,



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