Mercury’s in retrograde

In the words of Bloc Party, “My Mercury’s in retrograde.

A Retrograde is not some kind of fashion era or style, (though I am curious as to how people’s appearances will change during this retrograde) no, it is something all together much bigger and scarier/exciting depending on your stance.

Planets that are in retrograde look like they are moving backwards, as if they stopped, changed their mind about moving forward and decided to back track, but this isn’t true. Their direction never changes it is all because of our vantage point on Earth. Whenever a planet goes in to retrograde, the influence it has on earth is then opposite to its usual effect. Mercury loves retrograding and messing up our lives. Each retrograde last about 3 weeks each, but you can sense the changes between 3 and 5 days before.

Mercury is all about communication and transportation, physical as well as spiritual. So during its retrograde all these things tend to go a bit haywire and glitchy. Things like techology are often affected, things which can crash, including cars as well as computers can be affected. People often suggest not to have an operation or start new projects during this period too.

  • February 23–March 17
  • June 26–July 20
  • October 21–November 10

Check out my favourite blogger, Gala Darling, she has the best advice on how to cope with Mercury retrogrades. I love her and I’ve learnt a lot from her.

♥ How to survive

♥ How to make the most of Mercury’s retrograde

Peace and Love,



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