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There’s no place like home.

Wow, What an awful few weeks.

Crappy weather, messy and noisy neighbours and a string of fits last week, I managed to have 4 fits in 5 days, has messed me up considerably and brought my mood down enormously. I tried posting this about a week and a half ago and I just couldn’t think of anything to really say. However, things are looking brighter.After a teary phone call to my Dad to tell him that I’d just signed for a house, (Oh My Gosh, RIGHT?!) he then asked how my day at university had been which between sniffs and sobs i explained that I couldn’t tell him because although I had gone to university that day, I woke up on the floor in the Sociological studies admin room after having a fit. Everything wiped from my memory. I suppose its the fatherly, protectiveness that made my Dad turn up, 2 and a half hours later, to pick me up and bring me back home.

So here I am, back in Newcastle. Though I chose not to mention this fact to anyone, I mean not to a single soul, until tonight so I could have some time on my own just to regroup and chill out. I slept from midnight Tuesday until 1 pm Wednesday then spent the rest of the day catching up on tv shows and reading some of my favourite blogs and articles.
Today however has been a much more productive day. In  the Carter Household, space is an issue. Our small 3 bedroom house is basically crammed full of things. Papers, books, toys, old school books, my old art work. The smallest room, which was once my bedroom is now Dad’s office which is also beginning to seep out under the door and take over various other spaces in the house. Since Louise (my older sister) moved out, we have done quite a bit of sorting and chucking and charity shifting of old toys and clothes and what not but there always seems to be more hiding out somewhere. I decided that my room is in need of re-organisation, re-modelling and refreshing!

But like anyone, who decides to wade through a sea of memories and trinkets you eventually find yourself getting swept up in tides of reminisce and loose all motivation. Thus for me I am left with a bit of a bomb sight:

My messy room

On the plus side, here is a list of some of the things I found:

  • Play-doh I bought while in Edinburgh
  • Bright pink Sourz ear muffs
  • Collection a old metro tickets form 2008
  • A bunch of old note books I started writing or drawing in but soon gave up
  • Some very old chocolate (This worried me slightly)
  • 2 spiders
  • A collection of glasses, masks/fancy dress accessories

The last brought me quite a bit of enjoyment as you can see…

being silly with props

Not bad for a days work.
Tomorrow I will return to the world, and let people know I am home, but for now I’m off to watch Legally Blonde and sleep.

Peace and Love,



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