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Radical self loving

I have a question for you, who do you spend most of your time with? Chances are you will probably answer with a name of a friend or family member or maybe even a pet, but the truth is, the person you spend most of your time with is yourself. So then why are you so hard on yourself? Amazing bloggstress and my inspiration, Gala Darling asked this question,

“why do you treat your best friend better than the way you treat yourself?”

It is a good question. There are so many ideas and quotes about being yourself, loving yourself, yet we don’t seem to have managed to actually put it in to practice.

This month, I decided to take part in Gala Darling’s Radical Self Love Project. I found a nice note book to become my RSL bible and I added a few things to the front. Following the first few steps on here blog about the RSL I began my journey.

bird strings

Image found on We Heart It

It all felt a little forced and silly at first but over the days that followed I added more and started understanding what it is Gala Darling is on about.
RSL is about accepting who you are and not apologising for it. I make mistakes but they do not define who I am just like my illness does not define or control who I can be.
In the media today there is so much hate against women for looking or acting as themselves. You can’t pick up a magazine or go online without coming across an article that is mean about a women’s body or her hair or the fact that she’s not wearing makeup. Yes you can argue that becoming a celebrity you have accept that you will be photographed and scrutinised for not looking like that airbrushed, edited, flawless picture that is plastered on the cover of cosmopolitan. But why?
A lot of the hate comes from other women. Women are vicious and cruel and unless you’ve experienced it yourself you can never fully understand the extent women will go. I’ve experienced first hand how cruel women are. Once you stop blindly following the crowd and begin to question what everyone else is doing you are in for a nasty ride. The saying goes “if people are trying to bring you down, it is only because you are above them”. You can be confident without being a bitch, be friends with guys without it making up a whore, and it is okay to sad without it making you an attention seeker.
Radical Self Love isn’t just for girls with low self esteem, its for the business women, the business man, the new Dad, the grandmother, the shy boys and the popular kids.

If you can’t be in love with yourself, how can anyone else?

Peace and Love,



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