Thankful Tuesdays

And then the snow came…


Its Tuesday again, and we’ve had snow, again. I feel as if we’re stuck in some kind of snow-warp, weather repeating itself over and over type horror circle, GAHHH!
I do love snow. I really do, but this is really starting to take the piss mick. I’d packed away my snow boots and my woolly hats, I was starting to break out the pretty skirts and the floaty dresses.I spent some time last week, taking lots of lovely photo’s of Spring because I was wanting to write about being thankful for spring arriving, but no, as quickly as it arrived, Spring ran off again, going top speed, down the motorway leaving nothing but a trail of dust, or maybe more appropriate, water sprays.
This is what I wanted to write about,




Pretty isn’t it?

Well instead, here is what is happening in our garden at the moment,


The Snow has now stopped but everything is wet and blurgh! That is a technical word, btw (:

Okay okay, it’s not so bad that its snowy, wet and cold because it does mean that since getting home last Tuesday night, I’ve had plenty of opportunities for:

  • lovely bubble baths ♥
  • warm crackling fires ♥
  • hot cups of tea ♥
  • cuddling up under the duvet ♥
  • catching up on Pretty Little Liars, ( one of my all time favourite shows) ♥
  • Watching The Gilmore Girls! (I am slowly making my way through the complete box set I bought back in January of GG) ♥

So really I am quite thankful for the crappy weather. It just means that when the sun does come back, (and it will!) we can all appreciate him a little more.

Peace and Love,


PS. I have also been listening to this lovely song No Rain. 🙂 It’s so funky and sweet. I’m addicted the the Meg and Dia Cover which you can listen/watch here but I couldn’t embed the video. Below is the original by Blind Melon



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