How to be a Dane…

Hej!  Hvordan går det?

In my quest to become an official Dane, I have started an online Danish Language course with Babbel to improve my basic speaking skills. It’s actually going better than I thought. I used Babbel last year alongside my German A-level which was useful for going over basics and pronunciation. The way it works is by combining reading, writing, and listening in each exercise that you do so the learning is more natural. The exercises are simple matching and typing in the correct words and phrases. All the phrases that are used are then stored in an online vocabulary book. You also have mini lessons in basic grammar too. There are lots of different languages to choose from such as Spanish, French or even Indonesian and you have a week long trial before you need to pay anything.
So while my language skills are improving there are still lots of things I need to know about Denmark and its culture and history.
I came across a lot of ‘How-to’ articles recently and found it interesting to see how different people explain ‘danish-ness’.


♥Our Christmas Hygge♥

The Tumblr page of Copenhannah has a quite famous post about how to look like a Dane, Copenhannah. It includes tips like being blonde, wearing black and mastering the ‘cold stare’.

Blonde Sisters

We’ve got the blonde hair but not the cold stare. Me and my big Sis are way to smiley for that.

The Study In Denmark Web page describes Danes as punctual and outspoken, I may have to work on my time keeping skills a little. They do offer a good explanation of ‘Hygge’. I have quite a good understanding of the concept as I grew up in quite a danish household. The English translation of it meaning coziness kind of makes sense but hygge is so much more than that. Its an atmosphere, a feeling. StudyInDenmark

I think it’s difficult to explain how to act like a certain culture. There are plenty of articles depicting typical British behaviour too. I may have grown up in England, but I understand and appreciate a lot of the same things Danish people do. I’ve always felt more connected to Denmark than I have to the UK so the innate danish ideas and traditions are already apart of me its just getting the technical stuff sorted out. Fingers crossed.

Peace and Love,



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