Thankful Tuesdays

Too cold to snow?

Here’s to another snowy Tuesday.
Well, here in Newcastle I’m starting to believe in the old saying of it “being too cold to snow”. While the rest of the country is up to its knees in glittering snow Newcastle has nothing but occasional downfalls of hail and bits of white that don’t stay very long. On the plus side the awful weather continues to suffice as an excuse to do nothing productive and find awesome things on the Internet like the following:

♥OMG this hip flask. It’s from fab

♥when I have my own house I would love this


♥and of course this amazing graffited Cinderella


How pretty does thar look right?

A few other things that I’m thankful for this week are:

♥Wash in hair colour, I’m sporting a dark blonde colour with a reddy tinge. Lasts 3 washes, woop.
♥Spontaneous night outs and mini coffee dates
New Girl being back on e4. I missed alot of the last series but I love Zooey. On a few occasions I have been compared to Jess, and I am completely okay with that. She is awesome!
Easter! I’m not to bothered this year about chocolate eggs. For me Easter is about the new beginnings, spring and of course the cute baby animals. Yay. Hopefully the weather will decide to change and we can thaw us all out. I am in need of some sunshine.

Stay warm and stay safe if you’re out in this crazy weather.
Peace and love,


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