Life · Thankful Tuesdays

Belated thanks

Sorry. Once again life and illness has got in the way of me posting. This week sees me back at university and while the weather is doing its best to prove that spring is infact here, it is still rather cold. This week’s excitement has unfortunately been overshadowed by my impending admission in to hospital next week for an Extended EEG. Gahh that whole idea makes me feel nervous and a little sick.
On the plus we have had sun πŸ™‚ That is definitely a thing to be thankful after what seemed like a wintery Narnia.
This week I went to see one of my idols and girl crushes KATE NASH! It was amazing. She is so lovely and genuine.


Best thing everrrrr!
She is so inspiring and her music feels like she’s written each track for you personal. As a live performer she sure knows how to put on a show. Jumping and running about on stage then singing and dancing in the crowd; a Kate Nash gig is an experience.β™‘

I have officially started looking for places to go over the summer for a holiday. Somewhere hot, cheap and away from the normal ‘student holiday’ destination. It is amazing how easy the world is to travel, as long as you can get the money. My savings jar is a little empty but hopefully over the coming weeks/months it will start to look more like a holiday.β™‘

Lastly, I have developed a habit of wearing a pair of sequined Cat Ears. It is mostly when I am in my flat and I’m feeling down. I pop them on and it helps cheer me up. It sounds silly but I think that’s the point. I once wore them for a week and people got so use to me wearing them it was more weird me not wearing the ears. My obsession habit has also been reinforced by the fact that me and fellow ear wearer, Kate Nash had a chat about our cat ears which was cool and that my other girl crush Taylor Swift sports a pair in her music video for her new single, 22. I like my ears (human and cat) its fun to dress up a little and just enjoy it.β™‘
Peace and love,


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