Life · Thankful Tuesdays

Tuesday, boozeday

Why is it on Tuesdays I can never seem to find time to write? This is my second(or could it be third) ‘Thankful Tuesday’ that has been published on some other day of the week.
This Tuesday has a crisp, fresh, spring feel to it.
I have so far seen 3 bumblebees this week and fortunately, unlike my flat mate Emilie, have not been pollenated by a frisky little bee.♥

I bought a lovely bouquet of ‘sweetheart roses’ to cheer myself up yesterday and alleegies aside, they are now sitting pretty in my room.♥


I have recently began having whisky in my tea on an evening after university to just mellow out a little. Being a student bog standard Bells whisky is the poison of choice. However on some days the temptation to have more than 2 ‘Irish’ teas has been overwhelming. I am not alone in this ‘day drinking’ (thankfully) my partners in crime include Chris with his vodka, Lauren and her white wine and Emilie with her shiraz. I would love to blame photo’s like this on alcohol but it seems the lack of makes us silly and crazy instead.♥


 Chris being hip

The bucket list has stalled a little. I had booked an appointment to donate blood but the session has been cancelled. I have made plans to cross off some others very soon.♥

Peace and love,


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