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Concussions and car journeys

Unfortunately, injuries are an inevitable part of the deal when you collapse and have fits. Over the years how I’ve managed to never actually break anything (bones I mean)is close to a miracle. Carpet burns and head bumps are the most common injuries I get.
Concussion sucks. FACT.
Hitting your head is a full body experience. It  normally starts with the initial bump, blow, bang. Pain begins to radiates out across your scull, perhaps down your neck, or just behind your eyes. A little while later, you start to feel sick, almost like you’re car sick. That horrible woozy  too hot, and uncomfortable feeling. It’s not a pleasant experience to say the least. I am always left exhausted after a fit. Add a head injury on to the mix and I want to make like Sleeping Beauty for a week.
Tuesday morning had me in A&E for about 4 and half hours while I was checked over, tested and monitored.
8am; sleep deprived, hungry and cold, flatmate Lauren and I return to the flat. Everyone, except Chris, is asleep, unaware of our nighttime adventure.


It is now Saturday afternoon. I’m in the back seat of our little car, Hallam fm and Viking are battling over radio signals as we drive back to University.


I’ve spent the second half of the week back home receiving much needed TLC. One thing I love about my parents is that if I’m ill, they do everything they can to cheer me up. Pancakes, cups of tea and mega amounts of hugs. ♥
They even made sure it was nice and sunny, a rarity in Geordie land.

Sunset over Paddy Freeman Park, Newcastle

Peace and love,


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