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Mambo ballet no 5

Hi guys,

Okay so it is official, I HATE REVISION. I’ve tried 20 minute intervals, I’ve tried late nights, early mornings, with snacks, without snacks, the latter did not go so well for me or the rest of my flat. Turns out, I get cranky without sugar when revising, hmm who would have guessed? I even tried the library, which happened to be the single most frustrating activity of the MONTH.

Me and western bank library

On the plus side though, this lovely weekend I happened to tick another bucket item off the list. Woopie! If you ever decide to see a ballet, make it one of Matthew Bourne’s, new adventure productions.

After a wonderful meal with my parents, we headed across to The Lyceum theatre to see Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty. It was simply and magically amazing. Our we were seated in the upper circle, which once you got over the scary drop in front of you, were awesome. We could see all of the stage and it was really nice to watch the beautiful dancers swirling and sweeping effortlessly across the stage.

Me, Bethany and Eve
Waiting for the ballet to start!

One night when I was home for Christmas, I stumbled across a documentary about Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures ballet company. It was a behind the scenes look at the rehearsals and the creation of this version of Sleeping Beauty. My two favourite parts of the production have to be the travelators and the character of baby Aurora.
Towards the back of the stage, there were two travelators, like the conveyor belts you walk on in the airport, that ran in opposite directions. These were used in a number of scenes including the fairy dance at in the first act and during the later scenes where Aurora’s true love is running around the castle searching for her. During the fairy dance, the dancers almost looked as though they were gliding through the air. It worked brilliantly.
As for baby Aurora, instead of a lifeless, simple doll, Bourne created a baby puppet which was able to crawl, wave, and even climb curtains. Baby Aurora was my favourite character. The puppet is controlled by 3 ‘invisible’ dancers who are dressed head to toe in black velvet. Together they manage to give the doll personality and add a touch of humour to the opening scenes.

Photo By John Ross, Balletcoforum
Photo By John Ross, Balletcoforum

After a wonderful show, and so yummy ice cream during the interval, we decided to pay a visit to our fave cocktail bar and club, The Viper Rooms to try out some new dance moves inspired by the ballet. Unfortunately the music didn’t quite suit the the elegance of ballet…

Maybe leave to ballet to the experts…

I’ve crossed another item off the list and I will definitely be buying tickets to see another ballet soon. It was so much fun. I think it will be difficult to find a production better than Sleeping Beauty!

Peace and Love,



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