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Sun and Celebrations


There are birds singing in the trees, the skies are blue, the sun is out… must be… END OF EXAMS!
First year is over. Soon we will be packing up all our things, saying our goodbyes and locking our rooms for the last time. But before all that gooey, sentimental shit stuff, it’s party time!

Jake Looking all Glasto and summery

The weather has been amazing the past few days and it is set to continue. Most of my flat have finished their exams or have one or two left. It feels like freshers all over again but with super sunshine. Most days have followed the same routine of roll out of bed, make food, grab blanket and sun screen, sunbathe.

The family of ducks at Endcliffe

Part of Eve’s ritual for relaxing during revision involved a long walk through Endcliffe park and up towards the Forge. With the weather being so lovely, I joined her on Sunday, after yet another night on the tiles for the 6 mile trek. We had so much fun. A lot of the path makes it’s way through the trees, so we didn’t have to worry too much about over heating. We even had a paddle in a stream.

Eve Paddling in the water

On one of the beautiful sunny days I met up with a fellow Scandinavian society member, Matt and discovered ‘Bubble Tea’. Bubble Tea is the weirdest drink I have ever come across. It originated in Asia (I think) and comes in all sorts of flavours. After finishing mine, I still hadn’t quite made up my mind about whether I liked it or not. The ‘tea’ is a cold blend of green tea and I chose a mango flavour with mango bubbles. The liquid part was actually quite nice however the bubbles seriously freaked me out.

Mango Bubble Tea

The weird bubbles…

The bubbles, though not the nicest thing to eat, were perfect to blow through our straws at a near by bin. After many attempts Matt finally scored a goal! It was a historical moment. πŸ™‚
With all the ‘feel good’, well deserved rest and relief atmosphere about now that exams are over,I can’t help but feel guilty or like a cheat by celebrating.
Of the two exams I had this month, I finished none. As luck goes, my body decided that mid-sentence during an essay about Marxism would be the perfect time to have a shake. Gotta love my weird body.Β On the plus side it means I get summer to revise and hopefully show the uni how awesome I can be!

Peace and love,



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