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Thank goodness it’s Tuesday

Wow. It’s been a while since I last posted a Thankful Tuesday. Well this Tuesday at 7.30am, I am on my way down to Sheffield. We officially get the keys for our new student place! Yay. Luckly this coincided with my first psychotherapy consultation, awesome right? Obviously I am more excited about one than the other but hopefully psychotherapy will be able to help me get my fits under control so it’s a positive day.

Being home these last few weeks has made me realise how awesome living in halls was. Back home there’s 3 of us which use to be plenty, over crowded sometimes but now it can feel a bit lonely. In halls people would be up until the small hours so if you were struggling to sleep or just needed a quick hug before bed, someone would be there. Similarly during the day you would rarely be alone. It was fun. As much as people moaned about living with so many and abouy those we lived with, I miss it. I miss all (well most) of it. It was a fantastic experience,  not necessarily one I’d like to have again anytime soon but I am certainly thankful for the lessons I learnt and of course the awesome friends I’ve made. 🙂
On the opposite side of that, I’m so thankful for my friends back home. I don’t think I ever appreciated how big our friendship group was until we all reunited after uni. For those who stayed in Newcastle it must feel weird to suddenly have a huge group to hang out with again. Everyone has been busy this year travelling cities and some countries. There is so much to catch up on!
For one of the first times in my life I feel like I am surrounded by some of the bestest friends in the universe 🙂

Peace and super amounts of love,


Ps. Woops. I forgot about Arnicare! I am so so so thankful for Arnicare. Best cream ever to help mend bruises!

Post-paintball pain

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