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Buckets of Paint

The list is shrinking! Slowly, but I am making progress with it. The latest activity to be completed was the ever so scary Paintballing!

A group of us drove up to Slaley Hall in the Northumberland for a day of pain fun. The rain managed to stay away and it wasn’t too chilly either. There was a large group of us in the end. We were a group of ten, there was another group of younger kids around the age of 11 and a few other couples.

Izzie and Joe all geared up

The first game we played was Capture the flag. Miraculously I survived till the end without being shot. Woohoo. I’d like to think the months of watching various people play Call Of Duty helped me in that first game or maybe it was luck.  However that luck did not pass over to out second game. I got shot twice in the thigh! It hurt so so so so so much! I left out a mini ‘yelp’. I then got shot again in the calf however this didn’t count as the paint ball did not explode.

Izzie, Iris and me

After a break for lunch, tiredness began to kick in and a few of us were feeling a little worn out. Most of my bruises came from the second and third games.



Same bruises: four hours later

To say the least, Owch! Even after a week of using Arnicare it is still ridiculously painful but so so worth it.
I won’t be going paintballing any time soon but probably some time again in life.

Peace and love,


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