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Investigations and abbreviations

Hello lovely people,
So a while ago I wrote about my health and about my fits. At the time I was waiting for various hospital appointments and tests. Well I realised that I never updated you all on how that was going. (Sorry about that)
Back in April I had my week long EEG observation. I arrived on the Monday morning, along with two other female patients, and had my head ‘fitted’ with about 25 electrodes and by fitted I mean super-glued to my head. These electrodes were all connected to a device which I had to carry on me the whole week. This was then connected to a bigger machine attached to the wall behind my bed to recorded all the data.

Looking good right?

Above my bed was a video camera that videoed my whole stay in hospital. We were given daily diaries to fill in if and when we felt ill or a symptom. The video would then be used alongside the data recorded on the machines to hopefully diagnose me.
My flatmates were brilliant.  They took it in turn to pop in and visit me. My first visitor also brought me a few essentials that I’d forgotten ie. toothbrush, toothpaste and of course, chocolate.


The first few days weren’t too bad. The other two girls had traveled from just outside Sheffield to have the same tests. We chatted about out various symptoms and experiences and bonded over the fact that no matter what had been told to us before, we were ‘in this together, till the end’. Oh how very Hunger Game-esque of us.
When people state that they could stay in bed all week, they lie! (no pun intended) Trust me, it is not comfortable. I soon got very restless and my legs and back began to ache. We weren’t able to shower or have baths so we all soon became experts in sink washing and towards the end of the week I doubt we smelt as pretty as when we arrived. The nurses were friendly, funny and seeing as we were all fully functioning adults, they left us to our own devices.


By the end of the week, each of us had suffered our own  ‘attack’. It was almost a relief, our job was done. When Friday finally came around, we were all awake and dressed pretty much before our breakfasts had been served out. We could taste freedom.
When I got back to the flat, it wasn’t great. The place was a mess. There was left over Chinese food from the night before I left and a pile of dirty dishes which probably harbored various stages of mold but hey I was home. A week of grease and the remaining super glue called for a 45 minute shower and a full sample tube of conditioner which came free with Cosmo magazine. I was human again.

Never noticed how much Cosmo talks about SEX…

The results of the tests didn’t really tell us anything extra. For a long time I’ve been aware that my ‘attacks’ are not epileptic, so there was no surprise when a letter arrived on the door mat proudly claiming this fact. Though we’re not quite back at square one, my first psychotherapy meeting ended with ” hmm, you’re am still a bit of a mystery aren’t you Maria”. I’m not so sure how to take that.

Peace and Love,



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