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Happiest 5km ever!

Welcome to TheColorRun!

Proclaiming to be the happiest run in the world, The Color Run has arrived in the UK.
Last weekend it was in London and this weekend it is in Manchester and guess who is taking part?


I roped in some friends to run with me. Meet John, Bethany and Sam. Both John and Sam are quite fit. Sam is running the Great North Run this year and John use to be a avid runner, boasting “I was third best in school”. Me and Bethany are just going to take it easy and enjoy the run.


So what is The Color Run I hear you ask well… it is a 5km run where volunteers throw colored paint powder at runners at each kilometre. It’s not so much about being the fastest just about having a good, colorful run.

We decided to run on behalf of a charity called STARS- syncope trust and reflex anoxic syndrome.
While I was under investigation by cardiology, the doctor recommended looking at the STARS website as it had lots of information on blackouts and possble causes and information on specialists. It really helped when I was waiting for various appointments to log on to the website and read stories of other people who were in the same situation as me.
STARS have been great on helping to promote our fundraising efforts.Β  We’re even the cover photo on the STARS Facebook! Woop.

We have a justgiving donation page open if you’d like yo sponsor us.

I’m so excited!

Peace and Love,
Maria (and the gang)


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