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A Humid Thankful Tuesday

Well the thunder has continued.

I was woken up this morning by one of the longest thunder grumbles I think I’ve ever heard. Even  after a week of on and off rain, thunder and bits of lightening, it is still ridiculously humid.

♥ I got my exam timetable on Friday , I have 3 weeks of hell in front of me. My exams are the 5th, 12th and the 20th. Nicely spaced out which is both something to be annoyed at as well as thankful. On the one hand, spaced out is good so I have time in between to revise but it does mean 3 weeks of being in my Sheffield house alone…. Gulp. I’m not the only one of my friends who is doing exams so we’re going to be meeting up for study sessions, breaks and of course the end of exam celebrations.

♥Since coming home, I’ve had to modify my room so that I had space to work and revise. I positioned a desk from my Dad’s old office facing my window. The back of our house looks out on to other houses and gardens so thankfully it doesn’t often distract me to often. However, I’ve discovered my new favourite thing…?Sound…? I’m not sure how I would describe it.
My new favourite _______ (moment?) is the 2 or 3 minutes just before the rain is about to pour down. Everything goes silent, and then there is this crescendo of rain falling. It just sounds amazing. For someone who loves the sound of pouring rain it is the perfect intro. You should listen out for it.

♥ I wanted to say to everyone who read my last post and viewed my video on YouTube, Thanks. It feels pretty weird that there’s a video of my now online for the world to see but so far the response has been good. 🙂 It was actually fun to do (sort of). I might do another at some point, but for now, NO way!

If you have exams over the next few weeks, best of luck to you!

Peace and love,



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