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Goodbye July, Hej August

I can’t believe July is over already. It seems like only last week I was coming back from university. I’ve managed to squeeze in a quite a few bucket list activities and I’ve planned a few more for after I’ve finished my exams.


My two favourite things this month have definitely been moving into my Sheffield house. After a rocky start, which my housemate Eve wrote about here things are falling nicely in to place. It will be strange living in Sheffield over the next few weeks now that I have got so used to being at home surrounded by people all the time.


The weather has made this summer one of my favourites. So much time spent in the sun. It feels like we’ve been basking in sunshine since the post June exam celebration week when we were all lying about on the grass and drinking at 11am.
Spending time with my Newcastle friends at the beach was awesome. Most of my friends took gap years so this is their last summer before uni hits and they begin to ‘grow up’.




I do not feel confident or at all ready for the next three weeks but I still have a few days until my first exam.
I have voluntarily placed myself under house arrest until Friday night so that I can get as much revision done as physically possible without my brain exploding.

Peace and love,

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