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Thankful Tuesday on a Wednesday

I was so busy yesterday I completely forgot to post a Thankful Tuesday!

♥At the moment I am in the wonderous Sheffield. I travelled down last Saturday, first class may I add. Super comfy seats, cups of tea on tap and yummy breakfasts all included in my ticket.


♥The sun was still shining when I left and people were still complaining. As great as the sun has been, most of the lawns around my area are looking more straw like than luscious green. I’m glad it’s started to rain.


Durham does look beautiful in the sun.

♥This is a thankful blessing in disguise. Have you ever tried a new foundation or in my case ‘BB cream’ and thought it was a lityletto light or dark for your skin tone? I am quite fair so most of my makeup is in a ivory shade, according to L’Oréal Paris this is a ‘fair’ shade.


It was also meant to match to my skin tone… I don’t think it worked! I look more like i was tango’d than ‘the London look’.
Let’s just say I’ve learnt my lesson of using crappy magazine freebies and I am thankful for soap and water. (It would not come off using makeup remover!)

♥I am the only person living in my house and we are yet to be connected to the World Wide Web I’ve been getting a little bit lonely and occasionally going a bit mental when ever I do have contact with the rest of the world. I do have my DVD saviours though.


Peace and love,


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