Day 1 as a photographer

Today is the first day of ‘Globefest’ presented by NEED Music Ltd and Tyveloser is photographing the event.


It’s going to be fab. I’ll be updating throughout the day so watch this space!

first act is Pete Whitehead
Soulful and deep. Loving his cover of Nick Drake.

following on is Danny Shanahan and now playing Nearly Dennis

Danny Shanahan

Danny Shanahan

Nearly Dennis
Absolutely beautiful. Both have a raw tone and amazing guitar skills.

Here we have The Black Marcs with a Hammond!!! Oh my gosh!

Really cool sound. And looking so ‘fetch’ in their caps.

Duo of Eutopia

And the awesome Tommy & The Talls performing an acoustic set

They’re playing later on downstairs at 8pm. Looking forward to hearing them again

Lorely (-one) they’re missing their bass player tonight but still sounding amazing with 2 guitars and a stfu xylophone!

Tiredness is kicking in. Music has been first rate this afternoon. The strangest thing is when you’re stood near the stairs and you can hear both stages, rock and acoustic together.

Next we have Dale Parker. A cute solo artist who performed some awesome tunes despite his mates attempts to put him off.


The wonderful Tommy & The Talls returned with their full band set downstairs and upstairs we had Heartsetonhope playing upstairs.



I am incredibly tired. So much fun.

Juat enjoyed a fab set from Joey Campbell. Best stage man I’ve seen in a long time. So funny.

Two acts left to go!

Last act of the upstairs acoustic stage, Awkward George.
Awkward, George and Matt in the middle. πŸ™‚ Beautiful sound. Perfect end for tonight’s acoustic session.


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