Day 2 of being a photographer

The set list is up for today woohoo.


Everything is already set up so we’re all just chatting and chilling until the music starts. A few of us went for drinks after and ended up coming home at 7am. True rock and rollers. ;p

Opening for upstairs is Mike Dand a very unexpected, husky singing voice. Really cool.

Up next is Chris Brinding. Awesome use of loop pedal!

Followed by Daryl Burns in a very funky hat.


Laurence and Kaz are up next, however Kaz couldn’t make it so it’s just Laurence, a guitar and a harmonica, sounds pretty good to me.

Next we have the beautiful Amy Sowerby. I love her dress and her voice of course.


Unfortunately I have another gig to go to at The Cluny. Three friends are playing tonight. So the last act of GlobeFest for me is the wonderful Alex Dobson.


Globe Fest was truly amazing. If you want to find out about any of the bands who played, visitΒΒ or search Need Music LTD on Facebook. Now time for me to head off to the Cluny for ‘A night with Josie, Molly and Robbie. What a musical bank holiday this has turned out to be πŸ™‚

Molly, Josie and Robbie

Peace and Love,




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