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And relax?

Well after finishing my exams you’d expect a lovely relaxing post about how thankful I am for summer and having time off before going back to University right? Wrong. Its horrifically dawned on me that I had 3 weeks before I had to go back to Sheffield. Thanks to a hospital appointment and a business venture, my time back home has been cut short.

Today I had an appointment with cardiology. After retelling for the umpteenth time my ‘fit’ history, we got down to business and came up with a plan of action. Through cardiology am being treated for syncope.
In order to help with my ‘fits’ I’ve been given a few tricks to try.  Some are easier than others.

-increase my daily salt to 12 grams
This feels near impossible. I barely have the rda of 6 grams normally! Bring on the tequila slammers!
-Wear specialist, thigh high support stockings
The last time I had these I was at a kilt wearing, all girls school and it was the high of summer. This time round,  it’s nearly winter! Hello toastie toes and super coziness.
High waisted control pants may just be my (not so little) life savers. As well blood collecting round your ankles, it can also collect around your middle so the idea is that just like flight socks help the blood to keel flowing, the spanx should do the same. Silver lining: super awesome figure!
All this, and I still haven’t got my resit results yet, that happens on Friday, 2pm *Gulp*

All in all, things seem to be going in the right direction 🙂 Lets just hope all this ‘control’ will help.

Peace and love,


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