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Geordie lasses here we go!

Well aye!

Here we gan! Geoerdie lasses let loose on the toon!

Okay so, tonight is the night. The infamous ‘Geordie Night Out’ night. This involves fake tan, fake eye lashes and fake nails! As well as hitting up the clubs in Newcastle that my friends and I often avoid. The look we beautiful ladies will be channelling can be found in these two fabulous videos which will be used as reference for tonight’s make up.

Jenna Marbles

Make up tut from tashlentine

After at least 3 hours of fake tan applications, which still wasn’t enough to make our milk bottle selves look remotely orange, we finally start on the drinking, some enjoyed this more than others :p (Molly’s face)


Molly, Anya, Izzie and Lauras arm

Shots done, hair done and taxi on it’s way, time for the group pose. We’ve been getting ready at Anya’s new flat which she shares with two boys who aren’t too impressed by our outfits or how long it took us to get ‘beautied’ up. Next time we’re starting at 3 not 9pm.

pose 1

Me, Izzie and Anya

As we were short for time, we head to TheEmpress, a typical student bar with cheap drink deals and decent music. However at 12.30 am it is pretty much empty. After more shots, dancing in too high, high heels and obligatory bathroom mirror photo we’re heading over to Floritas, the only place that’s open and has people dancing.


We are so rocking those pouts

Of all nights for us to bump in to old 6th forms friends tonight has to be the worst. Dressed anything but our normal selves, it’s a little awkward attempting to explain to pretty much everybody that this is NOT how we actually dress! More drinks please!
Well this geordie lass’s night out now has celebrity status. For those who don’t know of, or watch geordie shore, Scotty T is a ‘cast’ member who we bumped in to in Florita’s. Of course this has to be photographed!

scotty t

…lucky me?

After more dancing and a few persistent guys, we’re off to McDonald’s for a post-night out snack. Had a ‘class’ night out wiv me gurls. Off to bed now. Geordie night=sucess!

Peace and love,


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