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October Round up…

It has been far too long since I posted anything, nearly a month!

University has been crazy. October has came and left without so much as a hello, and has managed to leave me with a never ending to-do list. I have an essay due in 3 weeks and I swear I’ve forgotten how to write essays and how to reference, I thought I was meant to have this ‘uni-thing’ cracked by now. I’ve really been enjoying my lectures so far and I’ve actually been to the library and the IC. Only a few months ago, I didn’t even know how to get into these places let alone how to get a text book out. I feel very proud of myself.

Image from
Image from mycutegraphics

Top things this month

♥ We affectionately named our house ‘Boo’ and finally started putting up posters and decorative knickknacks.

♥ We have an unintentional pet; a little mouse called Jeremy.

Image From Google
Image From Google

♥ I’ve finally started planning my big 21st birthday!

♥ This amazing video from The Poetry Slam semi finals nearly had me in tears. It is so powerful.

♥ Have you heard about this awesome campaign in New York City? There should be more campaigns and movements like this.

♥ Halloween is just around the corner! I am so excited this year, I’m attending 3 Halloween parties, which of course require different costumes, bring on the needle and thread.

♥ Russell Brand possibly sparking off a revolution with this interview with Jeremy Paxman. There is even a Facebook page too.

♥ Finally catching up on Pretty Little Liars and screaming during the Halloween Special. Until it returns again in January, there is a new spin off show called Ravenswood which started last week to keep me busy.

Image From ABC Family
Image From ABC Family

♥ Not needing an excuse to be snuggled up my duvet, with a huge cup of at 7pm. It’s dark, cold and I don’t need shoes and a coat to watch Netflix.

Image From Google
Image From Google

I really want to watch Beauty and the Beast now…

Peace and Love,



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