Ghost, ghouls and Good Times

Happy All Saint’s day!

Stage one of make up

I hope you had a good Halloween and didn’t eat you weight in sweets like I did could have done. (Shh). We kicked off our Halloween celebrations early and partied last weekend with the Sheffield Scandinavian Society’s Halloween Bar Crawl. I decided to dress up as a creepy, murderous doll.
I went all out and bought fave paint fake eye lashes and ruined what once was my favourite dress.

The dress
Just need pigtails and my dress
Me and my best creepy look

The costume effort from some of the society was poor but those who did dress up, you looked great!

ScanSoc and some friends
ScanSoc and some friends

We started with a casual drink or two in a few local pubs and picked up member’s on the way down to BarOne, at the Student’s Union. The union had a Halloween club night so there were lots of scary characters and creatures. BarOne is the official warm up for Saturday nights at the union for PopTarts or as known for Halloween as ‘ScaryTarts’. I kind of envisioned ‘Mean Girls’ with lots of fake blood.

Image From Google
Image From Google

I completed my outfit with a cardboard dagger and a zombie teddy bear called Ruby. Eve managed to suppress her inner Hermione for one night embrace the small amount of evil in her and dressed as the fabulous Bellatrix Lestrange.

Bellatrix and Dolly
Bellatrix and Dolly

I had planned on going out in Sheffield for Hallow’s Eve but instead I had a impromptu visit back home. My best friend Bethany invited me to a Halloween house party, unfortunately I left all my dressing up clothes in Sheffield so had to make do with whatever I could find at home…which wasn’t a lot.

We decided to dress as creepy dolls. It was fun to do it again.

Bethany’s best creepy face
“We will kill you”

Two nights, 2 outfits, and two girls sharing a bottle of vodka later, I’m glad Halloween is over for this year.

Peace and Love,



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