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Best thing since sliced bread…

I have a secret to share with you, I’m in love with…
Vegetables! Well to be more precise, a vegetable delivery company, Abel and Cole.
I came across they’re flyer about 2 months ago and thought “hey this looks good”. An added incentive to try out Abel and Cole was a free cook book with your first order.
A month later I’m hooked and on my third box. “So what makes Abel and Cole so good?”I hear you ask, well it’s simple, you browse through the different boxes they offer on their website, if there’s something in the box you don’t want you simply tick a box for it to be skipped that time or you can add it to your dislike list and safely know that, in my case onions and cauliflower will never be in my box.You can also order things like eggs, milk (including soya), and even washing powders and cleaning products.
My delivery day is Thursday and it often arrives before I’ve left for university.


All the fruit and vegetables are grown locally or as locally as possible and has never been near an aeroplane. The cardboard box it arrives in can be left out on your next delivery day and they’re taken back to Abel and Cole to be used again or recycled. Potatoes come in their own little brown bag which can be recycled and leafy items, like kale and spinach, are bunched in a clear bag which can also be recycled.
All this good food has really encouraged me to make more things from scratch. I’ve been perfecting my soups and making vegetables chips.


I can’t wait to get my next box. With Christmas around the corner I’m going to try and learn some new recipes to take back home with me.
Peace and love,



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