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This weekend I went back home (again), originally for a leaving party, which was cancelled as my bestie is staying in Newcastle instead, woohoo! It was nice to see friends and just chill out.
I finally got around to completing another goal on my list. On Sunday, Laura, Sam and I went climbing at Climb Newcastle in Byker. Sam, an experienced and impressive climber and Laura, who has only climbed once but was armed with her new gym built body guided me through the process.

First, you must surrender your warm, comfortable shoes for a pair of special climbing shoes. (Note for you all, think big. I’m a 6.5 normally so took a 7 hoping they’d fit comfortably…) According to Sam, it’s normal for your toes to feel like they’re breaking. Mine seemed to be in a permanent state of curled which didn’t subside until I was back home, warming up by the fire.

Sam just casually hanging

Upper body strength is key. This is something that I am very much lacking and, after my climbing experience, hoping to improve before I go again. I managed to keep up with Sam and Laura most of the time and I wasn’t in too much pain while we were climbing. However yesterday and today my arms and shoulders are feeling achy and a little tender. Laura with her strong gazelle like limbs definitely had an advantage over Me.

I wish I’d got some more photos later on once I was feeling more confident with my abilities. I managed most of the yellow and black routes which are the two easier levels and made it to the top every time. I also attempted a fee blue routes with Laura and Sam which weren’t too bad.

"If you fall, it's going to be like on Bridget Jones..."

After about an hour I was cold and we were all tired. We traded in our devil shoes and made our way home.
I definitely want to go climbing again when I’m home im December. It was only Β£10, including hiring those devil shoes, and you can stay as long as you want to or probably can do.

I have a month to go, and still quite a few things to tick off, I better get a move on.

Peace and love,


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