Cool, Cozy and childish

It’s getting awful out there. We had a storm attacking us last Thursday and it seems like there weather is set to get colder. Instead of braving the cold and of course the moody christmas shoppers…

Image From Google
Image From Google

In all honesty, what is better than curling up with a hot drink, a fleecy blanket and watching a movie with friends or yourself?

Most of my childhood can be defined by with Disney movie I was obsessed with watching. Whether it was a new release or just a revisit to an old one, Disney definitely had a hand in my upbringing, good or bad.

“I use to think I was Peter Pan. My parent’s had to call me Peter or I wouldn’t listen” says Eve. 

It seems the idea of never growing up and flying around a magical island isn’t just for The Lost Boys. One of my all time favourite stories from when I was younger is Peter Pan. I thought the book was brilliant and the Disney movie was pretty darn good, including the sequel, Return to Neverland. During December I always curl up on the sofa and watch a bunch of old classic Disney’s and Christmas movies. Cinderella is another favourite. It wasn’t until I was secondary school when I watched Cinderella in english. Most of the videos we watched had been gifts from my danish cousins so were often in danish, without subtitles. As I got older and learnt more words, I began to better understand certain parts of the story. Dumbo and Pocahontas are also in my top 5 old kids movies, especially the 3 mini stories that were at the the end of the Dumbo VHS, The Three Little Pigs, Noah’s Ark and my favourite, The three orphaned Kittens, “they’re so cute!”.

The thing I love most about Disney is how perfectly they can capture a child’s imagination. After watching Peter Pan, my friends and I would play ‘Peter Pan’ for days, taking it in turns to be pirates, indians and Peter. With Pocahontas, we’d cheer when they settled their differences and sang along to ‘The colours of the Wind’. Though the Disney and the Disney princesses get a lot of bad press for teaching us the wrong things, I think it all depends on how you understand the stories. Cinderella never let her bad experiences turn her into a pessimistic, moody bi-atch, and Snow White, though I don’t agree with the whole running away and pretending to be dead thing, she was alone and she didn’t fall apart she got her sh*t together and made a life for herself.
Have a read of Positivelypresent’s 5 lessons from Disney, Disney is a very important part of childhood, if not simply so I can use any one of these awesome disney comebacks IRL, Check them out. The last link I’m giving you is a for Nerve‘s most feminist disney movies, its pretty good.

Disney did not give me a warped idea about life, I’m made up of more than the movies I watched as a Kid. Sure marrying a prince would be cool, if I can still travel, dress in leggings and eat cake and he is a sincere,  funny and intelligent man, you can send me Mr Charming ASAP.

Peace and love,


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