Home for Christmas

After what seemed like an eternity in Sheffield, I finally came home. Hello Newcastle! Did you miss me?

There was so much to do before Christmas. I’d wrapped a few things already but still had quite a few presents to get and of course, decorate the house and tree. We always wait till a few days before christmas to decorate. Last year we got our tree on the 23rd of December, it was a lovely little thing as best of all, B&Q were selling them off for one pound. Dad was very impressed by that. Our tree is always full of little ornaments that I remember from when I was a child. It was only last year when we decided to buy some new ones from Ikea (obviously). The first things to go on are the lights and the the last are the strings of danish flags. Denmark uses their national flag for all celebrations. It is like a symbol of joy and happiness so you will often find it on christmas trees, cakes and  birthday cards.

Here is our lovely little tree and our Christmas goat, Jensen. He’s there to guard the presents.

Every Christmas Eve, we have ‘danish Christmas’. On Christmas Eve we all sit down to enjoy what would normally be the christmas lunch in Denmark. The meal is set out with lots of bowls and plates with bread, fish, eggs, and salad type things and you build your own open sandwich. My favourite is white bread with curry mayonnaise, cucumber and scrambled egg. This year, Bethany came round for Christmas Eve and had ‘Danish Christmas’ for the first time. After dinner, me and Bethany continued another tradition set up with our school friends and headed off to a little pub down in Jesmond Dene called The Blue Bell. Every Christmas Eve we all meet up and have a few drinks before midnight and then walk home together in the early hours of Christmas morn. This unfortunately there’s been no snow so it wasn’t quite the magical wonderland walk we were use to.

Another Christmas Eve tradition from when me and Louise were children is reading ‘The Night Before Christmas’ and watching Polar Express before we fell asleep.

Filtered because I look so so tired.

With us now living in different cities it’s not as easy but we still manage. This year, we texted verses from the book while the Polar Express carried us up to the North Pole. I fell asleep somewhere near “Glacier Gulch… Which happens to be the steepest downhill grade in the world…” and woke up safely in my bed around 9am, Christmas day. After our breakfast, me, Mum and Dad took at drive up to Bolam Lake in Northumberland for a walk. The weather was brilliant and the swans seemed to follow us.

One (not so) Ugly Duckling,
The setting sun on Bolam Lake

After more food and lots of drinks, we all settled down in front of the tv, exhausted, and watched some music special on BBC 4. A pretty good ending to a pretty good Christmas day.

Hope your day was a relaxed and nice as mine,
Peace and Love,


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