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You’re gonna hear me ROAR

Waaa oh oh oh oh oh

It is official, I am the grand old age of TWENTY-ONE and celebrated in true birthday style.

Me and my beautiful birthday cake.  Made by Bethany
Me and my beautiful birthday cake.
Made by Bethany

I had an amazing night. It started off with a lovely party with a bunch of family friends and school friends. It was awesome to see everyone and to have all the people I care about together. There was lots of dancing and of course drinking.

Pre-shot picture




Sambuca! Clearly not Molly’s favourite drink.

Me and Bethany made a fabulous playlist on Spotify which included Katy Perry, Blondie, Justin Timberlake and of course Taylor and Avril. Even my Dad was singing along to Roar.




I recieved Katy Perry’s new album, Prism, for Christmas, and it rocks! So I played a lot of the songs from it at the party including…

How yummy is the video?

After the family party, we headed to Floritas’s in town, to our own VIP area with drinks and champagne, how very classy of us. Of course there was a manditory sparkler photo…

That sparkler got hot!


and a group photo, before the crazy dancing and partying began. It was such a lovely night. I felt totally over whelmed by how many people came out to celebrate with me. I haven’t made a list for this year (yet) I’m not sure if I am going to as I have quite a few things still to do on my old one, but we’ll see.

Peace and Love,
From the coolest 21 year old around



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