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Better late than never…?

A big  hello to 2014

I know it’s a bit late (well 5 months late) but better late than never right?
So what’s happened since my last post? Well I turned the magical age of 21! I had a wonderful birthday and am awesome party, maybe a bit too much champagne though :p if you want you can read more about it here.

I never managed to complete my list due to a lack of time and money, blagh, However, I hope to add to it for this year and hopefully complete a few more this time round.

I signed for a house for 2014/2015. Next year I’ll be living with 6 lovely people from university who I met though my old flatmate Lauren. They are all very politically active so I’m hoping to learn a thing or two from them.


I started Pole Fitness with some friends from university. Now, just to clarify, Pole Fitness does not make me a stripper. Pole Fitness is incredibly for building muscle and toning without bulking up or making you feel like you’re ‘working out’. I have found it also to be a great way to build up my confidence. Each session I can feel and see myself improving and I know that by the time I’ve finished a session, I will have learnt something new. I am 100% addicted to it.

Pole Fitness

My blackouts have been getting better. I finally got some support stockings and they seem to be working (Yay) They’ve reduced my blackouts to around 1 every 3 or 4 weeks which is amazing. I’ve got so much more energy and I’ve been able to attend university more which is of course the important bit.

I have been elected as Scandinavian Society President. Woohoo.

I also found out that I will be an Auntie in the summer as my older sister is pregnant. Yay. She looks amazing and is seriously glowing.

Auntie <3 Baby Ben will be born just be before the new year <3

A lot can happen in five months… I will be trying to get back in to blogging weekly again. I’ve been suffering from a nasty case of writers block as well as ‘Deadline-itus’,  but once May is over, things should be more manageable.

Peace and Love,


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