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Apologies and news

It has been a while since I updated you with anything that’s actually going on in Tyveloser land. I am super sorry.


University exams have really taken over my life! and it sucks. Thankfully, I’ve only got one more week left of Exams (until August, but shh) then I can partayyyy!

tswft dance

Quick updates

Eve left this week and has gone back home until it’s time to officially move out and Emilie is leaving on Wednesday; super sad. I would have loved to chill out more with Emilie and do super fun things in her last week but I have my major exam on Friday 13, and just in case the rumours are true about Friday the 13th’s being bad luck, I’m not taking any chances and choosing to work instead of play. There are lots of lovely things to look forward too after Friday, I just need to stay focused…

My brain on study mode...
My brain on study mode…

As mentioned in my previous post, my big sis is a soon to be Mama. We’re going to visit her after my exams. I think she’s only got about 5 weeks left until we finally meet our new family member. Still no idea if I’ll have a niece or nephew, in all honesty, I don’t think any of us mind.

A big(ish) bit of news I’d like to share, (even though it still makes me super sick with nerves) is that I’ll be making my musical début after my exams on June 17th! I’m swallowing my fear and I will be performing at a fundraising gig in aid of Bowel Cancer research. The night is being hosted by The Green Room in Sheffield, for more info check out the event page here. I’m super scared about it but hopefully I’ll be alright on the night. I can’t think about it too much right now as it makes my heart race at warped speed and makes me want to cry, which isn’t ideal as I have revision to do!

I had a go at making Rødgrød med fløde this week to celebrate Denmark’s national constitution day on June 5th. It is a sort of fruit compote dessert that is Denmark is quite famous for. I’ve never made anything like it before but it turned out pretty good, Scansoc members certainly enjoyed it. I do have my Mum to thank. I think I called her about 5 times in the space of 10 minutes while making it, just to check I was doing it right, after all…

I am in no way suggesting my mum is anything like this though!
I am in no way suggesting my mum is anything like this though!

 The last thing to mention is about my PoTS. I’ve been exploring the web and of course made a Pinterest board for articles and information about PoTS. recently I’ve been quite unwell with it. I literally shopped until I dropped in Tescos… and an ambulance was called to check me over. I was a smidge dirty from lying on a cold store room floor for about 20 mins but I was fine, just tired and cold
. I’m currently waiting for a letter, call, carrier pigeon to let me know when and what medication they’re going to try me on. Hopefully what ever it is will help in time for August.


So that’s life for now. Studying and waiting for Friday to arrive. I promise I’ll be writing a proper post, with an actual topic/point/focus very very soon.
This is currently my mobile phone background. Just so darn cute!

So cute
Much love,





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