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Pause; Take a breath

 “Sometimes all the pro/cons lists, coin flipping and eenie meenie meinie mo’s in the world won’t change the decision your heart has already made”

Decisions are hard. When there is a lot at stake, deciding what it is you’re going to do, picking door number one or door number 2, can be the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do, but at some point, a lot sooner than you expected, you have to decide.

change the plan

I’m currently in a state of change. This year has been very difficult for meat university. I’ve had good times and met some really awesome people but certain things have managed to mess things up. A few weeks ago I had a meeting with my department and we agreed that I’d benefit from some time out of university, to rest and recuperate. At first, I felt awful. When somebody suggests that you should take a break from university, it’s hard not to take that as a “you’re failing/you’re not good enough/you can’t cope” statement. However, after talking with my parents, doctors and friends, I’m so relieved. My health has been getting worse again and has really affected my ability to revise and keep up with revision, so I’ve come  up with a new plan:

the plan

Sounds good doesn’t it? So moving back home isn’t always a good idea but my parents are fab and I know that I’ll get the support I need but also that they’ll give me space if I need it.

It hasn’t been an easy decision to make. I have some much of my life here in Sheffield, things that I can’t just press pause on. I was so excited to be living with Lauren,Anna and Alison so it sucks lots that I won’t be, it has also causes issues with our housing contracts, but we’ve (nearly) sorted out a replacement. Moving back home also means I won’t be able to remain as the Scandinavian Society President. I asked Winona, who was going to be our social secretary if she’d like to take over, and the rest of the group approved this decision. Hopefully when I’m back for third year I can try out for president again.

I’m currently packing up all my things in preparation for moving home. We’re having to make two trips, apparently after two years in a place and you end up with a lot of stuff,(woops). I’ve got a week left in Sheffield (officially), then only coming back down to sit my exams in August.

It’s sort of scary the thought of leaving university right now, but I know it is the right thing for me at the moment and I will be back. My uni chapter is not over yet. I’ve got some plans for what to do while I’m on my break, but I’ll share them another time.

Peace and love,





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