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Summer farewells

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Summer is so close I can almost taste the salty north sea, smell the sun cream, hear the groans of how expensive a 99 is.

Summer has this weird affect on most people. The moment it hits June, people become happier, more positive, more adventurous. Summer brings promise of fun and relaxing, which we all could definitely do with.
At university, summer also means moving out, moving in or moving away. About three days ago, I started noticing the increase of promotional offers on cleaning products, the influx of cars packed high with boxes, the number of emotional goodbyes that were happening around me. Some people are only parting for a few weeks before term starts again, others, like me, are leaving for longer. On the subject of leaving, I am dedicating today’s thankful post to my house mate Emilie.

Last Sunday, me and Emilie took her things over to BigYellow storage to be packed away until September. It was a glorious day, and for some reason we had decided to wear leggings and jeans, we were very warm! We called for two taxis and both were full of the things Emilie had collected in her two year stay in England. We carefully navigated our way around the storage unit and safely locked her stuff away then decided to take a walk back home in the lovely sunshine.

So the heat may have gotten to our heads a little. We ended up buying various cleaning supplies and BBQ equipment from a PoundStretcher, ( I didn’t think they’d survived the 90’s) some vegetarian meatballs and hash browns from ASDA and a bunch of very over priced basics from Waitrose.

By the time we’d gotten back home, the weather had turned rather stormy so we had smørbrød with cheese, chocolate spread and strawberries and left the BBQ until later.

I had such a lovely time with Emilie. She left last week to go back to Norway for the summer but we’re planning on meeting up over the holidays or at least once term starts again. She’s been a massive part of my Sheffield life. I am definitely very thankful for being lucky enough to have met this amazing Norwegian and for being able to spend the past two years living with her. 🙂

Peace and Love,



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