Pause more, see more


I am currently travelling to Barnsley on the train. It is one of those little Noethern Service trains with two carriages. I like to get to the station early so I have time for a cuppa and maybe buy myself a magazine or a snack.
As you will know,  the weather recently has been fab so when I arrived the platform was already soaking up the sunshine. Normally,  I’d have my headphones in, tuning out the noise and actions of the station but for some reason, maybe it was the nice weather, I fancied just listening to nothing.
Now I’m about to sound like that Kitkat advert, “when you pause more, you see more” (or words to that effect) but it is true. I am a big fan of people watching. It’s interesting to see strangers go about their day and often you notice that they do the same things as you do, or have some little quirk like you. I’d made a list of a few of the things I saw which made mw smile.

– A lady using the payphone. (I didn’t know that those things still worked)

– An older man, with grey hair, open up a tin foil package and take out a sandwich. (I don’t know why but this made me smile and giggle a little)

– An elderly man,who was first in the queue, waiting for his wife, to get on the train before him. (I’m assuming because she’ll decide where to sit)

– A teenager helping a lady with a pushchair off the train.

None of these things are particularly special but I just wanted to share them with you. I think I’ll take my headphones off a bit more often. As they say, it’s always the little things that you miss when they’re gone.

Peace and love,

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