I like to move it, move it

home from home

It’s been a busy old time the past week. Moving, unpacking, joining Instagram (Follow me at tyveloser)
So finally moved out of my Sheffield house, and I was not sorry to be leaving that house! We’ve been plagued from the start with mice, damp and everything breaking. Me and Dad packed the car up and I didn’t look back. To be fair, even I’d wanted to, we couldn’t see out the back window for all my stuff, (woops).

So in my absence, my parent’s had taken to using my room as a dumping ground temporary storage area. Thankfully I had already planned to stay at Bethany’s othewise, I would have been sleeping on the floor.
In true Geordie fashion, to celebrate my return we heading into the city for a fun filled, drunken night out. Me and Bethany started out in PopWorld. There are not real words to describe the wonder that is PopWorld… dingy toilets, cheesy 90’s music, a pole and Wednesday night = karaoke night. Some poor guy was singing Three lions (Football’s coming home) as we arrived.I didn’t have to heart to tell him England were out of the World cup.


After one giant something’ini and enough selfie’s to cause temporary blindness, it was time to leave.

We moved on to TheEmpress bar which is just across the street from the “famous” TupTup Palace, and our destination: TheCut. It was pretty empty for most of the time, which was great. Izzie and Iris joined us and we had tons of room to bust out the best moves, or just generally spin around in circles.
Shake@TheCut is our favourite night for Wednesday’s. They boast as the best place to be for awesome hip hop and often have special nights dedicated to the greats such as Beyonce, JayZ, Justin Timberlake, and Pharrel. Majority of the people we went to school and sixth form hang out here so it’s always just like one big reunion, Party on!



As much fun as it was to party until 4am, I’ve had other things to sort out, like my room. In the space of  3days, I’ve put up three sets of shelves, a desk,  one mirror, two picture frames and managed to fill around 5 charity donation bags full of clothes, books, bric-a-brac. It’s not completely finished yet, but it actually resembles a decent, semi-grown up bedroom/study area.

I can’t wait to get out the house next week and see Newcastle, I’ve really missed my home town.

Peace and Love,


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