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Click, click, Snap!

Masque photography

We have another task to cross of the list. Unfortunately I couldn’t get all of the things completed by my 21st but there were a few that I really wanted to have a go at.
Back in April, I travelled on the train to Barnsley to the Masque Photography Studio for my photo shoot. Me and photographer, Helen had spoken over email on what type of shoot I was thinking and what ideas, themes and outfits I had. I was quite nervous but straight away Helen was great at making me feel relaxed. We talked about what things I’d brought with me and what kind of hair and make up I would like. I also showed Helen the pinterest board I’d made for the shoot;


As you may know I totally love Taylor Swift and her awesome red lipstick obsession so that was a must when it came to make up. I’d treated myself and bought a new matching set from Boux Avenue which is still my favourite (They have a sale on at the moment too). Once my hair and make up were done it was time to get in front of the camera. I had an incredible time. After the first few awkward shots, you end up forgetting about trying too hard to look pretty or hiding parts of your body and you just go with it. Helen is great at directing you and getting the shots in between poses which sometimes end up being the best ones. We had a rummage through some of the ‘props’ I’d brought and ended up shooting a few poses with my train reading. I hadn’t intended on Thomas Hardy making an appearance in the shoot, but it looked great.
We were both having so much fun we lost track of time and it was a rush at the end to get me back to the train station on time.

I am beautiful

It wasn’t until earlier this month I managed to go back to see Helen and have a look at the photographs. It was surreal. I recognised the person in the photos as me but I looked different, more confident, bold, amazing! It was crazy. I really struggled to pick which photo’s I wanted to have printed.

I massively, completely and totally recommend that every single person has a photo-shoot with Helen at some point in their life, and the sooner the better. It was so liberating and empowering. Like I said earlier, Helen is great at giving words of encouragement and praise. Your body is all you have, so you need to love all of it and own all of it, every bump, scar or freckle. When you hear a photographer shouting ” Ahh, that is beautiful!, WOW, look at you!”  it’s very difficult not to believe how amazing you look.
Here’s one of the photo’s I chose from the shoot.

photo shoot

I still can’t believe I did this task. Skinny dipping, at night, with my bestie, I couldn’t do. But this? This was surprisingly easy.

Peace and Love,


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