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Mary Mary, quite contrary…

“It is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.”


I have always loved this quote and have used it in my defense of taking back a item of clothing only to go back and by the same thing, perhaps in a different colour, two days later. Sometimes things work out, and more often than not, they don’t. So here I am again, experiencing a sort of Déjà vu.

So in my last post, I was feeling very chipper about sitting exams and writing 10,000 words in 9 days to pass my second year. Over the years, especially since developing PoTS, I’ve found myself suffering from a ‘superwoman complex’ where I think that I can do everything and anything even though I’m blacking out twice a day or I’ve missed over 60% of my schooling. I hate letting people down and I hate not being able to manage things that normal people can.

As it turns out, you can’t write an essay on a topic you don’t know, similarly, you can’t sit an exam for a module that you only attended 3 lectures for. Correction, you can do both these things as long as you’re not expecting to pass.

After a complete mental/physical/spiritual breakdown (involving many tears and throwing up once or twice) I came to a solution and formulated a new plan, Woohoo.


Sounds good doesn’t it?

I’m super excited to be going back to the beautiful steel city, though I am going to miss Newcastle and all the things I had planned to do in my year off.
I’m moving in to a University house with 5 other 2nd and 3rd year girls, which is a bit scary but also super exciting. Our house is lovely. We have a front and back garden, two bathrooms and I have the biggest bedroom. Lucky me 🙂

In the next few weeks I’m planning on doing some nice summery things including visiting my Norwegian bestie Emilie next week!!!

kristen excited

So lots to be blogging about in the coming weeks, 🙂
Peace and love,



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