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University packing list (What I wish I’d known)

Awh little fresher me

It’s that time again, special deals in every supermarket on bedding and kitchenware, cars are being packed full of boxes and suitcases and parents getting teary-eyed as their children leave home for the first (or second or third) time for university. It’s been two years since I left for university but not much has really changed. The car is the same, the ‘stress of packing’ is the same, if not actually worse, I still wear that outfit, and my mum and dad still fuss over everything. It’s just become part of the ritual of me moving back to Sheffield.

This year one of my best friends is heading off to university for the first time. I am so super excited for her. I’ve been pinning and sending her articles on university and freshersย from pinterest all summer long. I looked at quite a few ‘what to pack’ lists before moving, but I still found that I’d forgotten something or actually didn’t need some of the things I’d brought so I’m sharing my list of some things that i’s recommend packing. Click on the image below to see the list and download. Feel free to share the list or comment with other suggestions too.

packing list2

I hope you find the list useful. I am so excited to start packing up again, hopefully I’m manage to remember everything this year ๐Ÿ™‚
Peace and Love,


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