Forget me not

Hello there, remember me, the blogger who supposedly updates this site… woopsies. I apologise trimediously for completely deserting this blog. So much has been going on since my last post I just got swept up and was never really in the writing mood. I’d love to fill you all in right now but I feel it this post would become a completely overwhelming, info overload ramble that you’d fall asleep or get lost half way through. Instead I’m going to post 4 posts for the previous months over the next few days. I haven’t decided if I’ll do it month by month or by topics (decisions, decisions ) either way i promise to fill you in on all the random crazy gossip from tyveloser world before my birthday, which is only 3 days away, yay!

Peace and love, and belated merry Christmas to you all.
Tyveloser is back, be prepared 🙂



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