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Merry New Year

Hello 2015!

Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different?
-C.S Lewis.

What a year! Feels like only a month ago it was lovely summer time and now there are cold winds, snow and ice to keeping us company. I promised you updates so here is a little snapshot of where my life is going in to 2015.

xmas cake

– I achieved a first in my sociological theory essay. I was so nervous about it because I decided to structure the essay is a slightly different way to how I would normally write and well it paid off. I actually really enjoyed writing the essay too which is always a plus. Hopefully this good grade streak will continue.
– I have been busy revising for my January exams, I’m still feeling a bit nervous at the moment but I have my revision timetable and plenty of books/articles and notes to help me.
-I absolutely love my house and housemates. We’ve gelled together really well and it’s hard to believe that half of them will be graduating this summer. I now see how my fears about living with 5 strange girls were just silly. We all get on well and support eachother with uni work and life advice. We are all rooting for eachother to do well which is awesome.

Health and fitness
-Before christmas, I took part in a pole and burlesque showcase, Pole for Purpose, with the University of Sheffield Pole Fitness Society and it rocked. Me, Selvi, Rachel and Maddie came up with a dance routine to The Wire by Haim and performed it in front of a packed audience at The Leadmill. It was amazing. I will definitely be putting my name down to perform at the next showcase. You can have a look at our routine on youtube too.

-I can pretty much count on my hands the number of blackouts I’ve had since coming back to university which is fantastic. I’ve been taking my medication and keeping up with all the salt and water and it has definitely made a huge difference to my life. I managed to attend like 75% of my lectures. I am pretty sure this time last year, that figure was for how much I had missed. I am still having black outs and they still suck but I’ve been able to have a pretty decent and normal uni life so far, long may it continue.

Demember events
– I had a lovely Christmas with my parents. On Christmas day we took a walk out to Seaton Sluce and I took some photographs. I even managed to do a bit of pole as well.

pole fitness xmas

-Just after Christmas my sister, brother-in-law and niece came to stay with us and it was brilliant. Freya is getting so big. She has the biggest eyes and the best smile in the world. We spent a lot of time playing and messing around and making each other laugh. It’s a shame that we can’t see my sister as much as we’d like to because live at the other end of the country but it just means that when we do see them, the time we spend together is more precious. Here is a picture of me and Freya.


-It was of course my 22nd birthday which I celebrated in true taylor Swift style; glitter and cat ears. I had a meal with my family. The waiter at the restaurant gave me special birthday dessert which was yummy then I went home to have a little birthday champagne and cake with Bethany and Izzie before heading out for a night in town. It was lovely to see some many of my friends šŸ™‚ It was such a fun and alcoholic night.

-This NYE was definitely my favourite. Bethany had a bit of a party and we all just hung out drinking home made cocktails and playing Heads Up (check it out). There was no drama or tears this year from anyone just smiles, kisses and lots of hugs.

So here we are, 2015 is well and truely under way. Best of luck for 2015.

Peace and Love,


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