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Intentions and Goals


At the beginning of each year, or significant period of time I find it helpful to make some kind of resolution and/or set goals for what I’d like to achieve by the end of it. Sometimes people get way to stressed out about making New year’s resolutions that they give up after a few weeks and can’t be bothered. I’ve made a list of intentions for the rest of this academic year which I’d like to share with you. Hopefully I will cross them off as time goes on.

I intend to:

– Stretch every day to help get in to the splits for Pole by Easter
– Get at least a 2.1 in my module this semester
– Be able to invert on the pole without help summer
– Join one new society this semester
– Volunteer or work somewhere related to teaching/caring roles
– Practice Danish every other day,Β  including reading at least 2 news articles a week all in Danish
– Read at least one non-university book a month

I’ve planned out how I’m going to do most of these so it’s up to me to stop wishing and to start doing.

Peace and Love,


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