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Getting ready for round two

Spring semester is starting next week and I am definitely ready for a fresh start. I know that it is very cliché the whole “new year, new me” type thing but there is something nice about a definitive point at which you can clean the slate and hit the reset button. After battling through my three first semester modules, I get a bit of a break this time. I’ll be taking one 20 credit module, 3 hours a week, and I’m planning on acing it as well as getting a part-time job. I am excited about 2015. I have lots of things planned which I can’t wait to do and tell you all about it.
Before a new semester starts there are a few things I like to do to refresh myself and my school things. Here are a few tips to help you get ready for a spring full of awesome new things.

This sounds like an obvious one but it is vital that you get all your things ready before the next wave of lectures start. If you’ve been given the heads up about what books you will need, get looking online now. Speak to students above you to find out which books were the most useful and they might even sell you their one for cheaper than at the shop. As soon as you can find out assignment and exam dates and write them in your diary or on your calendar so they don’t just sneak up on you.

paperchase b2skool

Buy new equipment
An artist needs the right tools. If you were struggling to find a pen for your exams or your highlighters have pretty much all dried up, it’s time to go shopping. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, but you’ll be glad you’re walking in to your first lecture with every possible coloured pen. Depending on how you work you may want to get a new notebook or file for each module. It may mean you’re carrying around a lot during the day but it will help you keep those important notes in organised.
Also, make sure you go through your notes from last semester and decide if you’re going to keep or throw them. I normally keep mine, but I file them away out of sight so I don’t get muddled up with new notes. If you keep them in good order it will be easy to find that fab article you printed off about Denmark and Welfare, which you can use in another module.

paperchase pencil case

Clear out your wardrobe
It might not be time yet to pack away all those woolly jumpers but have a sort through your clothes and get rid of things you no longer need or use. Universities often have charity donation areas where you can donate good quality items, or just pop along to your local charity shop with your goodies. Not only will it help out a charity, it will create some good karma for yourself.


Spring clean your room
There is nothing better than a nice clean and tidy room to work in. Give your desk a tidy, and by tidy I don’t mean just shove everything in a drawer, take an afternoon to go through papers, letters, boxes and bags. If you can, trying moving your furniture or changing your posters and pictures to give your room a new feel. Be sure to give all your surfaces a good clean with antibacterial spray and open your window to let some fresh air in. A messy room creates bad energy for studying and sleeping so try to tidy up at least once a week to keep on top of things.



I hope this helps.

Peace and Love,

*p.s images are from Paperchase, google and pinterest


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