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Hello Everyone,
What a busy few weeks it has been being back at university. I hope my last post on getting organised helped. I did a full clean out of my room, hoovered, dusted and rejigged my desk, it’s been so nice coming home to a clean and tidy room.
So, what has been happening in the past few weeks? I decided to take  a module in Social Work and I am really enjoying it so far. In our first lecture we were taken through a breif history of Social Work dating back to the 1800’s and usually that kind of thing would be boring but it was super interesting. A lot of the ideas and opinions that current politians have about how to care for the vulnerable members of society are just rehashed ideas from the past. I’m beginning to realise more that politics and history really do just repeat themselves, (wouldn’t it be nice if people learnt something from this). I have been considering what my different career paths could be and my areas of interest recently and over the Christmas break I settled on a few things, I care about children and young people. I’d like to work in a profession that helps and supports children and young people. I definitely want to do a masters/postgraduate degree. From this, I’ve decided to focus on the idea of teaching. I remember wanting to be a teacher as a child but felt that it was only there because my dad, godparents and other close family relatives are or have been in the teaching profession so it’s all I’ve really known. However, even now, 15 or so years later it feels like a good fit for me.
I think I would like to work in primary teaching. There is more freedom to be creative and introduce children to a wide variety of interests in primary teaching than in secondary, there is less pressure to get high scores. I feel that the best learning happens when you don’t realise you are being taught anything; learning through play. I’d like to think I’d be a cross between Ms Honey from Matilda and Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World. Both teachers care very much about their students education and their emotional well-being, something which I feel some of my high school teachers forgot about. A child will not engage or be productive in their learning if they are unhappy or worried about other things. Teachers are not only suppose to educate children in facts, figures and social norms to help them function in a capitalist society but also to help them learn how to understand and take care of themselves. The brainiest child will be worth nothing if they are unable to understand and apply their knowledge. I’ve had both positive and negative experiences at school and of all the experiences they were either helped or hindered by staff or teachers in the school so I hope that if I do become a teacher I can take the experiences I had and ensure that I don’t make the same mistakes.
As you know I am a huge fan of spoken word poet Sarah Kay, (if you don’t know who I am talking about, shame on you, now go watch her videos on youtube), she recently performed ‘Mrs. Ribeiro’ from her book No Matter The Wreckage.

It is a story about her childhood principle. Have you experienced the amazing feeling you get when you feel yourself being inspired by something you’ve heard or read, that’s the feeling I got while listening to her. There are quite a few teachers (real and fictional) that I feel like I have been inspired and motivated by, I really hope that if and when I become a teacher, I can take a bit of that inspiration and pass it on.

Peace and Love,


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