How many shades of red are there?

As you may be aware, especially if you red my last post, that this month is Sexual Violence Awareness Month and I am encouraging you to join the RedMyLips campaign. I am a lover of red. It is definitely myfavourite colour so deciding to wear red lipstick for a month in support was a no brainer. However, I have come to realise that my make up kit is rather bare. I don’t wear make up too often and I’ve never been very good at the application of it, my “smokey eye” is more Winter Soldier than Agent Carter, so I decided that a spring clean and restock was in order, especially for this month.
I currently own 2 lipsticks. A plum shade and a red. If you were to flick through my photographs on Facebook or even just on this blog, you will see one of these two colours.

Rimmel London in Starry-Eyed and Elizabeth Arden in Simply Red

They have served my well and I definitely would never part with them but since my lipstick collection is made up of gifts and hand me downs, I think it is about time I invest in my lip colour.
Me and Issie went on a mission to find me a new shade or two.
After spending about 30 minutes in Boots, and running out of arm space to test lipstick shades on, me and Issie went to seek professional help at the No.7 counter. The assistant was brilliant. After laughing at our complete indecisiveness, she was a great help and assessed my skin tone. According to her, with my fair skin, I can get away with pretty much any shade of red. This was not quite what I was wanting to hear. I mean, don’t get me wrong that is great but, the issue was not being able to pick a colour. After a bit more umming and ahhing I settled for Hot Paprika, and I love it!

It is not so easy to tell on these pictures but but it has a a cool undertone which apparently helps make your teeth look whiter. It is really smooth to put on and though it did cost me just under Β£10.00, it’s well worth it as my new favourite colour.

I hope you have been showing off your RedLips this week, have a look at for inspiration on how to support the cause without having to wear lipstick.
Peace and Love,


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